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     Along the Path    


                                                 Ann Frazier West
"There is no more certain 
method of rapid progress than to devote oneself
to helping others upon the
upward Path."


     This site will offer you knowledge and suggestions for the practical application of advanced spiritual teachings that were once secret teachings.  Advanced esoteric teaching has almost invariably been obtainable only by the student's acceptance of the authority of the teacher, varying degrees of personal obedience to that teacher and pledges of secrecy.  

     We are now living in a whole new age, and there are new mystery schools appearing as the Aquarian Age approaches.  As this Age progresses, these limitations will disappear.  The personal relationship of the disciple to the Master will remain, but the teachings are becoming more available to the public.  If you have been led to this page, you are likely one who is open and ready to learn about the ancient and hidden wisdoms of our Universe and its evolution of consciousness.

"Let Light and Love and Power 
restore the Plan on Earth."
The Great Invocation
The Tibetan Master 
Master Kuthumi    

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