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​      It is exciting to me to find so many of you who are interested in exploring what is being shared with us about the afterlife. More than ever before, our media resources, such as TV, movies, magazine and newspaper articles, are publishing stories on this topic. This is encouraging to me because it is an indication that humanity is ready to move out of a 3-dimensional consciousness into a multidimensional consciousness - to imagine life beyond the physical realm. This is certainly not a new concept for many of you, but it seems that the mass consciousness is waking up and becoming more aware.

     I was inspired to write a book on this topic after having some very exciting and comforting experiences in contact with close family members and friends who have made the great transition or passed on to another dimension. My whole perception of what we call death changed with the realization that there is no death. The death experience has been revealed to me as another phase in the evolution of each soul - a part of the bigger picture or the bigger Life.

     Let's explore the ways in which we might become aware of those dimensions beyond the visible one where we live in physical bodies. Can we have conscious contact with our loved ones who have completed this phase of their experience and who have moved to a level invisible to us? Can we visit with them in our dreams? Are they still involved in some way in our lives here? Can they help us when we need their help? Can we help them?
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Life is Continuous . . . . . .

by Ann Frazier West on 07/23/15

The Aura: Subtle Bodies and Levels of Consciousness

     Life is continuous; there is no death, but a shift of consciousness to a level that is already a part of our make-up, and one that we have not often been conscious of using. If we use our color spectrum as an example of a continuum of vibratory frequency, there are colors below and above our visible spectrum that we are unable to see with our physical eyes. As we develop our inner vision, our ability to see dimensions beyond the Earth dimension is possible. Shifting into a new dimension, we term the afterlife, does not appear to offer a completely different experience for those of us moving from the Earth plane. However, there are adjustments that we must make that will involve the laws of those regions - laws which enable us to navigate easily - and to speak, see and hear more efficiently. Our earthly law of gravity is not in force there, so we will no longer have the resistance to it that depletes our bodies of energy and stamina.

     The astral level is the closest in vibratory frequency to our world and one that does not seem drastically different from Earth life, at least where human patterns and activities are concerned. Spirit beings found on this level remain there for varying lengths of time, however they can choose to move upward to other levels when they are willing to progress through various studies and service to others. A move in any direction depends on one's soul growth and personal level of consciousness.

(From The Great Transition: Bridges to the Afterlife, Chapter 5) 

An Angel Named Smokey

by Ann Frazier West on 07/11/15

     A temporary move to an apartment complex was necessary at a time in my life when my children were younger. The youngest would make the move with me, and the older children would stay with their dad and near their school. The move was short-term and therefore only the most necessary pieces of furniture were moved. One night, I knew I would be working late in the apartment, so I planned to stay all night and work some more the next moring. The beds had not arrived, so I took a light-weight mattress from our camper, along with a pillow, sheets and a cover for that night. Neither shades nor curtains covered the windows just yet.

     It was late when I finished cleaning and preparing the apartment for our occupancy, and I made up my bed on the floor. It was not until then that I realized there was no privacy or safe-feeling place to make a bed. It was a ground-level apartment with light from streetlights streaming through the low-hung windows in the living room. The bedrooms were dark with just enough light shining in to make me visible on my mattress to any passers-by.

     The living room would have to do, though, so I settled in the corner of the room farthest from the windows and made my bed. Exhausted, I lay down and tried to go to sleep. I didn't actually feel fearful, but there was a nagging awareness of being exposed - like being in a fishbowl. People walking by my window late at night through the apartment complex could easily see me lying there. My anxiety finally gave in to a need for rest.

     I was almost asleep, in a twilight or hypnogogic state when I became aware that I was not alone. I felt and heard someone breathing behind me. This was scary enough . . . and then I could feel the pressure of a body against my back.

     Who is there? And how and when did someone get into the apartment? I know everything is locked; I checked each window and the only door before lying down on my mattress on the floor. What can I do?

     I tried ever so hard to be invisible - I almost held my breath. I was paralyzed with fear, now, and I didn't dare move. I didn't dare turn over to see who was there and breathing down my back. I had to do something!

     If I get up and run, could I make it out the front door without being attacked?

     Then . . . at the height of my fear and anxiety, I saw an image in my mind's eye, and suddenly everything was all right. I became calm, and I understood. The image was Smokey. Smokey was a dog - a wonderful boxer owned by my Aunt Lola and Uncle Tom when I was a child. I loved Smokey. We had played and romped around the farmhouse when I visited my aunt and uncle, and I always felt safe with him.

     How wonderful was the realization that, after all those years, Smokey became my guardian angel that night. He crossed a bridge from another dimension in hopes of making me feel safe. An angel named Smokey . . . was my guardian - my protector.

     Our pets on the Other Side do visit us, some very often, and I believe they would do all they could to make us feel safe.

     Have you had a pet in your life that you feel would do that for you?

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and the Mysterious Visitor

by Ann Frazier West on 07/04/15

      It was the late 1980s, at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK and the audience was waiting for our famous speaker, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, to arrive. Attendees began checking their watches and a young man finally stepped onto the stage and explained that Dr. Kubler-Ross had a flight connection delay and asked us to be patient. She arrived 30-40 minutes later. Breezing across the stage, gasping for breath, she apologized for her delay and her attire (jeans, sneakers and her shirttail hanging out over her jeans). The audience loved her! She was authentic and had broken the ice and created a truly relaxed and empathetic atmosphere - no pretense. Her focus quickly shifted to the topic of the lecture. We were mesmerized by her mastery of knowledge about death and dying, by her charm and by her obvious sense of mission.

     Dr. Kubler-Ross, a medical doctor, psychiatrist and thanatologist, known for her work with children and AIDS patients, shared an experience that night that she said had made the afterlife a reality to her, a professed skeptic. She was presenting seminars on death and dying at the U. of Chicago and was at a point of making a decision to leave the university. While talking with a colleague in the hallway at the university, she noticed a woman standing in front of the elevator. She recognized the woman but couldn't recall how she knew her. Her colleague entered the elevator and the woman walked over to Dr. Kubler-Ross and said, "Dr. Ross, I had to come back. Do you mind if I walk you to your office? It will only take two minutes." She then recognized the woman as Mrs. Schwarz, a woman she had worked with and who had died ten months earlier. Mrs. Schwarz opened the door for Dr. Kubler-Ross and said, "Dr. Ross, I had to come back for two reasons: One, to thank you and Rev. Gaines - to thank you and him for what you did for me. But the other reason is that you cannot stop this work on death and dying, not yet."

     Dr. Kubler-Ross had trouble making sense of it all. She knew Mrs. Schwarz had been buried for ten months, and this went beyond the comfort zone of her belief system. She then found herself touching everything real to her - her desk, her chair, her pen, but the woman was still there. She was real, too. The scientist in her wanted proof that Mrs. Schwarz was in actuality there in front of her and she said, "You know, Rev. Gaines is in Urbana now. He would just love to have a note from you. Would you mind?" She handed Mrs. Schwarz a piece of paper and a pencil. Mrs. Schwarz took the paper and wrote a note. Then she got up and on leaving said again, "Dr. Ross, you promise." She didn't want her to give up her work just yet. Dr. Ross promised, and Mrs. Schwarz disappeared. Dr. Kubler-Ross kept the note to remind her of her personal proof of the reality of life after death.


New Blog

by Ann Frazier West on 06/25/15

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The Three Wise Men of the Orient

by Ann Frazier West on 12/21/14

     Legends abound concerning the worship of the infant Jesus by the "wise men from the east." A common tradition is that they were magi (Hebrew chartumim; Greek magoi) a priestly class of mystics among ancient Medes and Persians credited with esoteric powers and knowledge by which they were able to interpret hidden meanings in the scriptures and to read secrets of the past and divine the future.

     The adoration of the Wise Men is far more significant than merely another scene of pageantry recognizing the holy birth. It was the defining stamp of God placed on the life of Jesus that would in the future characterize his mission and message - a reminder that Jesus was born in the Orient, an Oriental Christ; and that his teachings bore the influence of the Eastern culture and customs. There is a very strong tradition in India, authoritatively known amongst high metaphysicians in tales well told and written in ancient manuscripts, that the wise men of the East who made their way to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem were, in fact, great sages of India. Not only did the Indian masters come to Jesus, but he reciprocated their visit. During the unaccounted-for years of Jesus' life - the Scripture remains silent about him from approximately ages fourteen to thirty - he journeyed to India. His own God-realization, reawakened and reinforced in the company of the masters and the spiritual environs of India, provided a background of the universality of truth from which he could preach a simple, open message comprehensible to the masses of his native country, yet with underlying meanings that would be appreciated in generations to come as the infancy of man's mind would mature in understanding.

     Whatever celestial star might have indicated to the Wise Men the birth of Jesus, it was a "star in the east" of greater power by which they knew of the coming on earth of Christ Jesus: the all-revealing light of the spiritual eye of the soul's intuitive divine perception located in the "east" of the body - in a subtle spiritual center of Christ Consciousness in the forehead between the two physical eyes.

     During meditative concentration at the point between the eyebrows, the spiritual eye can be seen: a brilliant white star in the center, encased within a sphere of sapphire-blue light, encircled by a radiant golden aura. The golden light is the epitome of the vibratory sphere of the Holy Ghost; the blue light is the omnipresent Intelligence of the Christ Consciousness; the star is the mystic door into the Cosmic Consciousness of God.

     Jesus said, "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." When the Wise Men saw a star intimating to them the birth of Christ, they were beholding through the wisdom-star of infinite perception in their spiritual eye where the Christ Consciousness was newly manifested in the body of infant Jesus. Had it been a star in the skies, it could hardly guide the travelers . . . for it is impossible that a star can show the place in which a cottage stands; much less still, the place in which the Babe lay down."

                                           ~ ParamahansaYogananda  

                                                          from The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the                                                                       Christ Within You




The afterlife is a realm of transformation - of body, mind and spirit - a place lovingly reflecting the consciousness of each individual and his or her place in the great cosmic dance of eternity.
        ~ Lee Lawson, Artist, Author