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​      It is exciting to me to find so many of you who are interested in exploring what is being shared with us about the afterlife. More than ever before, our media resources, such as TV, movies, magazine and newspaper articles, are publishing stories on this topic. This is encouraging to me because it is an indication that humanity is ready to move out of a 3-dimensional consciousness into a multidimensional consciousness - to imagine life beyond the physical realm. This is certainly not a new concept for many of you, but it seems that the mass consciousness is waking up and becoming more aware.

     I was inspired to write a book on this topic after having some very exciting and comforting experiences in contact with close family members and friends who have made the great transition or passed on to another dimension. My whole perception of what we call death changed with the realization that there is no death. The death experience has been revealed to me as another phase in the evolution of each soul - a part of the bigger picture or the bigger Life.

     Let's explore the ways in which we might become aware of those dimensions beyond the visible one where we live in physical bodies. Can we have conscious contact with our loved ones who have completed this phase of their experience and who have moved to a level invisible to us? Can we visit with them in our dreams? Are they still involved in some way in our lives here? Can they help us when we need their help? Can we help them?
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by Ann Frazier West on 10/14/14

     I'm going to veer a little from the topic of the last post to share a piece that emerged this week from a dark hole in my filing system.  It has long been a favorite of mine and one that I've taken out to read when I need to be reminded of its very important message.

     There is an old legend of the Middle Ages. It seems that a citizen was arrested by one of the barons and shut up in a dungeon in his castle. He was taken down dark stairs, down, down, down by a ferocious looking jailer who carried a great key a foot long. The door of the cell was opened and he was thrust into a dark hole. The door shut with a bang, and there he was.

     He lay in the dark dungeon for twenty years. Each day the jailer would come, the big door would be opened with a great creaking and groaning, a pitcher of water and a loaf of bread would be thrust in and the door closed again.

     Well . . . after twenty years, the prisoner decided that he could not stand it any longer. He wanted to die, but he did not want to commit suicide, so he decided that the next day when the jailer came he would attack him. The jailer would then kill him in self-defense and thus his misery would be at an end. He thought he would examine the door carefully so as to be ready for tomorrow and, going over, he caught the handle and turned it. To his amazement, the door opened, and upon investigation he found that there was no lock upon it and never had been, and that for all those twenty years he had not been locked in, except in belief.

     At any time in that period he could have opened the door if only he had known it. He thought it was locked, but it was not. He groped along the corridor and felt his way upstairs. At the top of the stairs two soldiers were chatting, and they made no attempt to stop him. He crossed the great yard without attracting attention. There was an armed guard on the drawbridge at the great gate, but he paid no attention to him, and he walked out - a free man!

     He went home unmolested and lived happily every after. He could have don't this any time through those long years since his arrest if he had known enough, but he did not. He was a captive, not of stone and iron, but of false belief. He was not locked in; he only thought he was. Of course this is only a legend, but we are all living in some kind of prison, some in a prison of lack, some in a prison of remorse and resentment, some in a prison of blind, unintelligent fear, some in a prison of sickness. But always the prison is in our thought and not in the nature of things.

     There is no truth in our seeming troubles. There is no reality in lack. There is no power in time or conditions to make us old or tired or sick. "You are not locked in a prison of circumstances. "

     "You are not chained in any dungeon. Turn the handle, walk out, be FREE!"

     Build a mental equivalent of freedom, of vibrant physical health, of true prosperity, of increasing understanding and achievement.

                                          ~ Author Unknown

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1. Charlie P. said on 11/26/14 - 12:00PM
To walk free you must be a skeptic (open minded, of course) to search for the ever elusive truth. This can be a life time effort.
2. Ann said on 11/26/14 - 12:40PM
I agree, Charlie.

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The afterlife is a realm of transformation - of body, mind and spirit - a place lovingly reflecting the consciousness of each individual and his or her place in the great cosmic dance of eternity.
        ~ Lee Lawson, Artist, Author