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​      It is exciting to me to find so many of you who are interested in exploring what is being shared with us about the afterlife. More than ever before, our media resources, such as TV, movies, magazine and newspaper articles, are publishing stories on this topic. This is encouraging to me because it is an indication that humanity is ready to move out of a 3-dimensional consciousness into a multidimensional consciousness - to imagine life beyond the physical realm. This is certainly not a new concept for many of you, but it seems that the mass consciousness is waking up and becoming more aware.

     I was inspired to write a book on this topic after having some very exciting and comforting experiences in contact with close family members and friends who have made the great transition or passed on to another dimension. My whole perception of what we call death changed with the realization that there is no death. The death experience has been revealed to me as another phase in the evolution of each soul - a part of the bigger picture or the bigger Life.

     Let's explore the ways in which we might become aware of those dimensions beyond the visible one where we live in physical bodies. Can we have conscious contact with our loved ones who have completed this phase of their experience and who have moved to a level invisible to us? Can we visit with them in our dreams? Are they still involved in some way in our lives here? Can they help us when we need their help? Can we help them?
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Manuscript to the Publisher!!!

by Ann Frazier West on 08/20/13

     This is a happy day!!!  The manuscript I've been working on for several years has finally hatched and has been submitted to Balboa Press to be published. I do not yet have a timeline for its publication, but as soon as I do, I'll post it here.

     When I started this blog, I had many ideas and concepts to share, but the nudging toward finishing the book became more and more urgent. I had to suspend the topics of the blog and finish my bigger project to share with others, instead. I'll come back to the original lesson material when the book is launched - perhaps before then.

     The book is a subject close to my heart because of the continuing inspiration of "three remarkable women" in my life who have now passed on into the afterlife. I continue to connect with them in other-dimensional levels and feel their guidance in my life, always. What began as a book about my connection with these women - my mother, my close friend and my teacher/friend, expanded into a story which includes my own spiritual journey and, through my personal sharing, a guidebook for readers who are ready and willing to connect with their loved ones on the other side of life. It is an experience that is open to all who desire it - a most fulfilling and comforting experience.

     Watch for more about the book: THE GREAT TRANSITION: Bridges to the Afterlife.

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1. Joan said on 9/15/13 - 08:52AM
Congratulations, Ann! I'm really looking forward to reading your book.

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The afterlife is a realm of transformation - of body, mind and spirit - a place lovingly reflecting the consciousness of each individual and his or her place in the great cosmic dance of eternity.
        ~ Lee Lawson, Artist, Author