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​      It is exciting to me to find so many of you who are interested in exploring what is being shared with us about the afterlife. More than ever before, our media resources, such as TV, movies, magazine and newspaper articles, are publishing stories on this topic. This is encouraging to me because it is an indication that humanity is ready to move out of a 3-dimensional consciousness into a multidimensional consciousness - to imagine life beyond the physical realm. This is certainly not a new concept for many of you, but it seems that the mass consciousness is waking up and becoming more aware.

     I was inspired to write a book on this topic after having some very exciting and comforting experiences in contact with close family members and friends who have made the great transition or passed on to another dimension. My whole perception of what we call death changed with the realization that there is no death. The death experience has been revealed to me as another phase in the evolution of each soul - a part of the bigger picture or the bigger Life.

     Let's explore the ways in which we might become aware of those dimensions beyond the visible one where we live in physical bodies. Can we have conscious contact with our loved ones who have completed this phase of their experience and who have moved to a level invisible to us? Can we visit with them in our dreams? Are they still involved in some way in our lives here? Can they help us when we need their help? Can we help them?
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Many Mansions

by Ann Frazier West on 09/25/14

     "In my Father's house are many mansions." John 14:2 in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

     "These many mansions are the many subtle planes in the spiritual world," states Geoffrey Barborka in The Divine Plan (1980). Death, and birth in the astral world are merely a change in consciousness. When we die to the physical plane, we lose consciousness of the physical life and become aware of our subtle astral form in the astral world. This does not intend to imply that all consciousness of the physical world is annihilated, however, but rather that our attention will be primarily in the next dimension where our vehicles or bodies are compatible with the astral atmosphere. 

     We live in a solid, material, physical world and wear solid physical bodies. The physical or material world is where our consciousness resides. When we leave our bodies during sleep we are conscious on another level in another of our bodies - one of the more subtle bodies which we occupy. We travel to the realms of those who have made their transition from the physical world and visit with them, at times, when we dream.

     When our senses are active, in tasting, smelling, touching, listening and seeing, we are working principally through our physical bodies. When our powers of will and visualization are exercised we are working mainly through our astral bodies - while still in the physical. Our causal body finds expression when we are thinking or diving deep into introspection or meditation; the cosmic thoughts of genius come to the person who habitually contacts his/her causal body. This process of contact can be conscious or unconscious. In this sense, a person may be classified as chiefly materially minded (physical level) or energetic (astral level) or intellectual (causal level) depending on the level one is accessing at that time. While still in the physical level of existence, then, a person uses and is more or less conscious of all three of these vehicles, the physical, the astral and the causal bodies.  (The Great Transition: Bridges to the Afterlife, Ann Frazier West)


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The afterlife is a realm of transformation - of body, mind and spirit - a place lovingly reflecting the consciousness of each individual and his or her place in the great cosmic dance of eternity.
        ~ Lee Lawson, Artist, Author