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     People are wanting to know, and I am wanting to tell you about it in a new book. It is about the afterlife where some of your loved ones reside now, and about what they're up to.  I want to share with you some actual experiences I have had through the years in discovery of the dimensions ahead of us when we make that great transition from our physical world to a nonphysical world - the transition that is inevitable for each of us.




"What happens after death is far too important for us to rely on hand-me-down teachings. We need the authority of first-hand experience. This is what Ann West provides in her moving narrative of her remarkable attempt to continue her friendship with three extraordinary women for many years after their deaths. As we join her on her excursions, we learn about lifestyle and real estate options on the Other Side, the anatomy of subtle bodies, and how the law of attraction applies in all realities. She describes her personal journey, including her discovery of the consequences of bleed-throughs from past or parallel lives, with candor and humility. She draws on the theory and practice of esoteric orders, but comes to understand that the heart of the matter is very simple' we can dream with the deceased, and in dreaming we travel to the realms where they are at home. THE GREAT TRANSITION confirms that there is life beyond life, and that learning and creative evolution never cease."
     ~ ROBERT MOSS, author of Conscious DreamingDreamgates and The Boy Who Died and Came Back

"This book will take you on a very unusual journey with warmth​, wit and wonder. Dr. West describes in vivid detail life in the next world as revealed in her own dreams and visions. Anyone seeking to gain a synthesis of the after death experience will find value, insight and I dare say inspiration in this deeply researched and intriguingly written text."
     ~ REVEREND LEROY E. ZEMKE, author of Thoughts for Transformation

"This is a significant book published in a times of much interest in the topic of afterlifeThe value of the book lies in Ann Frazier West's consideration of afterlife from two perspectives: Her own experiences relating to three personally significant persons who have made The Great Transition, and secondly, the relational way of understanding the elements of consciousness which give all of us the tools for our own experiential learning and approaches. Simple scientific concepts of dimensionality and energy (frequencies) point to the interconnectedness of this-life and after-life. With these holistic understandings, provided by modern science and by teachers of consciousness, we (as has Ann) might overlay our unique stories and participate in a life which discovers new perspectives and brings more fulfillment in the hectic present. . . . Highly recommended as an experiential supplement for those engaged in pursuing the Question . . . !

     Can we in some way continue our relationships with our loved ones who have passed on into other dimensions?  Are they still involved in our lives here?  Can they help us through our earthly trials?  Can we be helpful to them in some way?  It is my intention with the sharing of my own experiences that I might help you to discover new ways to approach the loss of loved ones in your life, and new possibilities for making contact on some level with those who now reside in other dimensions.  It helps to know that our goodbyes do not have to be so permanent.  It is comforting to know that the connection is still there and that there are ways in which this connection may be enhanced, allowing a somewhat less painful journey for you and for your departed loved ones.

     I have stories to tell you about three remarkable women who, through their presence in my life, have taught me some of the most significant lessons I will ever know.  My contacts with them took place during their lives on Earth and continue now from where they are living their new lives in other dimensions.      

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