Ann Frazier West
     We are reminded by advanced teachers that we are emanations, or sparks from the substance of the Divine, undifferentiated,
unconscious, with the potentiality of consciousness.  Our unfolding on the Path, then, is the unfolding of our consciousness.  We began first of all to unfold our consciousness on the physical plane, and after fully attaining this through a consciousness like unto the states of the mineral, the plant, the animal, and then the human consciousness we begin to turn upward on the Path to become conscious on the astral and mental -the more subtle planes.

     What is the Path?  What does the Path mean to me, a human being living on a planet called Earth?  Why has my soul chosen this Path?  Why did my spirit choose to wear a physical body?

     Imagine an ocean which is shining as a mirror.  In one part of the ocean a bubble comes up and bursts, forming a very small concentric wave.  Imagine it as a human being who thinks he is a separate entity; actually, he is separate in his consciousness because of the limitations of his responses.  Then gradually he gets bigger and bigger, which means he unfolds his consciousness and responses and includes more and more in his awareness.  A "day" comes when this wave involves the ocean, becomes the ocean, and he realizes that He is the Ocean.

     Actually, we as human beings are each going toward the "Self."  The shadow of the divine spark within, which is acting in a separate body now, had fallen asleep but is now awakening and becoming the Self - the "Ocean."  The Divine Spark (Theosophy terms it the Monad) has used hundreds and thousands of personalities, vehicles or forms of its own, as its garments of expression (reincarnation).  It will integrate its experiences and learn how to master plane upon plane or its higher levels of consciousness. It will have learned to create, to destroy, to transmute and to use every bit of its experience for the fulfillment of the PLAN and the purpose of the Supreme Self.

     On the way back home the Self will gradually take higher and higher offices; it will be a servant, a master, a savior, a member of the Hierarchy (advanced Beings), an intermediary between the Hierarchy and Shamballa (a world of pure energy), a Planetary Logos (Supreme Being of our Planet), a Solar Logos (Supreme Being of our Sun), and so on, to carry on the Plan of all creation toward its real SELF.

     During this soul journey the REAL SELF never loses its individuality; it is not a separate being but an all-embracing awareness.  This awareness shines through on the PATH of the traveler as love, compassion, a sense of unity, service, sacrifice, conscience, etc., and guides the shadow to the Reality within.

     " . . . we have a self that must pass away.  And we have another kind of Self which is the true Self, and this Self is the Everlasting One."  
~  H. (Torkom) Saraydarian

More radiant than the sun,
purer than the snow,
subtler than the ether -
is the Self; 
the spirit within my heart.
I am that Self,
that SELF am I.

Credits:  Charles Leadbeater; H. Torkom Saraydarian


What is the Path?
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     There comes a time in the evolution of the soul when the outer 
person begins to respond to the powerful call of the inner spirit.  A
spiritual awakening occurs, and the soul begins its conscious journey along the path of enlightenment.  

     As long as a person does not betray the pattern or blueprint of his or her life, allowing for ordinary human weaknesses, the processes of unfoldment continue, and the inner power grows. More and more faculties reveal themselves, and more and more opportunities present themselves for their constructive use in the outer world, and so for their development.

     To reach the spiritual heights for humanity's sake becomes the supreme purpose for living.
"The blooming of the flower is the development, the unfoldment of the soul."
                                           ~ C. W. Leadbeater